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The Lisas' Mission 

To spread love and light prints everywhere we go to help shift mass consciousness so people can create and live their best lives.


Lisa Linder “Law of Attraction Expert”

& Lisa Gercie “The Hypnotic Healer”


“Elevate Your Frequency to Live Your Best Life” The Lisa’s have been cosmically guided to collaborate at this profound time of The Great Awakening. Their common life mission is to help shift mass consciousness and assist with the 5th dimensional global ascension of humanity.


            Lisa Linder               Lisa Gercie

Cosmic Collaboration Sessions with The Lisas'

Your first step will be to have a remote coaching session with Lisa Linder. 

Lisa Linder is a dynamic transformational coach, a Law of Attraction Expert and Divine Channel who helps people that are ready to make a change in their lives.  She uses her extensive study in quantum physics, metaphysics, and the laws of the universe to empower her clients to change patterns in their lives. She also helps them to release what is holding them back to reframe what is possible so they can live a life that is more purposeful, abundant, joyful and truly fulfilling.

The session:  This transformational coaching session will get you prepared on all levels before your hypnotic healing session. The benefit of this is to shift you into divine alignment before, during, and after your session with the proper tools so that you do not regress into negative or disruptive thoughts.  You will be taught how to keep your vibration high, so that you will be confident in manifesting and sustaining Living Your Best Life!

The second step is having a hypnotic healing session or group hypnotic healing circle which can be facilitated in Lisa Gercie’s sacred healing suite in Bethlehem, PA, remotely, or at your location. Please refer to the information for preparation for your session & during your session.

Preparation for your session


The Lisas' Mission Travel Circuit

Both Lisa’s have walked the mystical path and have had profound awakenings to live life more conscious and purposeful. They both have placed their life missions as paramount in their lives. The Lisas' have studied metaphysics, spirituality, psychology, the law of attraction, and quantum physics as part of an every day life style of self help. They have devoted their time, lives, and careers teaching their clients state of the art manifestation and healing techniques along with channeled ancient wisdom.

The Lisas' are scheduling dates now for a travel circuit in 2021 / 2022 at various cities across the United States & Internationally.  Lisa Linder will be teaching the first part of the class on How to Live Your Best Life. Lisa’s classes are always high vibrational, intuitive, and interactive.  She will teach you how to:  Manifest everything  you want including more abundance, attracting your “soulmate” relationship, how to release emotional blocks that are keeping you stuck or feeling trapped, and how to up level your frequency. You will learn how to use these keys of the universe as a tool to shift and transform your life. This session will prepare you for your group candle lit hypnotic healing circle with Lisa Gercie.


In the healing circle participants may sit on a meditation cushion or lie on a yoga mat.  Lisa Gercie will facilitate the group  with a light ten minute hypnotic induction and she will connect with God/Goddess/Source energy, the divine universal intelligence, Ascended Master’s, Angel’s, and consciousness of healing light beings that work with her interdimensionally.  She will channel this spiritual energy to assist your higher self in healing your multidimensional system along with clearing & cleansing your chakras.  A healing circle typically lasts about one hour. The remainder of the session will be sharing of the experience along with questions.

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