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Let's manifest the life of your dreams...

Lisa and our programs can help you transform your life through a holistic process to help you create balance, harmony, and inner peace, more love, joy and more purpose.

This transformation is a conscious and intentional journey which will empower you to live your best life to the fullest expression.


Lisa uses her expertise, intuition, and channeled wisdom to guide and teach the law of attraction and other modalities, looking at all aspects of mind, body, and soul, to help you get unstuck so you can manifest all of your desires.

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What clients are saying:  After working with Lisa I have been able to conquer all of my self-imposed limitations and as a result she’s helped me to step into my full empowerment  -Monica C.

This session has been more helpful than the last 5 years of therapy  -Danielle G.

Lisa helped me manifest  a wonderful new job and salary that I wouldn’t have believed was possible before working with her  -Deana J.

I haven't even finished your class yet, and I manifested myself $10,000 today -Heather H.


Coaching Programs

Whether it's finding more inner peace, getting your dream job, or manifesting anything you want, everything is available to you. Lisa will intuitively guide you through the process of connecting within. You have the answers. We explore what's keeping you stuck and practical tools are given so you can manifest what you desire.


Online Classes

Empowering heart and soul centered, online classes, to create more love, peace and purpose using universal laws. These classes will teach you universal laws and give you practical steps to create the life of your dreams.


Our Mission and who we are

We have big dreams to help people connect to themselves and become empowered so they can live their best lives.  We are focused on growth, consciousness and making this world a kinder, more loving and peaceful place to live. 

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