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Law of Attraction:

Whether you are looking for a soulmate, a new job, more peace or well being, anything you want to manifest is possible using the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is how you manifest things in your life and it states that like attracts like.


You attract into your life that which you are focused on, good or bad.  If your thoughts are focused in lack you will attract more lack, if you are focused in abundance you will attract more abundance. Either way, put your focus on what you want, not what you don’t want.

The universe provides whatever we are asking for and it is only our limiting beliefs or resistance that stops us from getting what we want. 


Whatever is happening right now in your life is just an outcome from a decision you made in your past.  At any moment, you can make a different choice to attract in a different situation. When you are in alignment and tuned into the universal flow, this is where you can receive the manifestation you are requesting.  You must believe you are going to see the manifestation before it shows up.  If you don’t believe it’s possible, law defies it showing up in your reality.


Image by Amy Shamblen

❤ Surrender and accept what is right now.

❤  Clear limiting beliefs and patterns. 

❤ Ask for what you want.

❤ Believing what you want is possible and trusting it’s on the way to you is required in order for what you want to manifest.

❤  Decide and expect to have what you want.

❤ Take inspired action


❤ Become the future you and act as if you already have this manifestation or state of being that you want.

❤ Focus only on what you want, not what you don't want

❤ Do a daily practice to raise your vibration and keep you feeling good.

While manifesting you want to be feeling:


❤  Grateful

❤  Appreciative

❤  Happy

❤  Joyful

❤  Peaceful

❤  Acceptance

Manifesting from any of the following states WON’T get you the result you are looking for:

❤  Fear
❤  Anger

❤  Desperation

❤  Depression

❤  Guilt

❤  Shame

❤  Pride

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