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    How To Attract Your Soulmate        


A self guided online class to teach you how to find your soulmate using the law of attraction.

Are you ready to find your soulmate?

❤️ Are you stuck in the constant struggle of dating the wrong kind of person?

❤️ Do you feel like you are settling in your current relationship?

❤️ Are you thinking you'll never have the relationship you want?


Life can feel really lonely, especially in these times.

How To Attract Your Soulmate

People who look like they’re leading the ideal life and have the perfect relationship, aren’t so different from you.They have just learned Universal laws to empower themselves and attract their soulmate and what they want into their lives.


All you need is guidance to learn those laws, and the tools to allow you to attract the love and life you want.

This class can help you find the love of your life!

Join us to find out how you can use these tools and exercises to love yourself more and become empowered so you can attract in the love of your life.


You can have what you want and you can manifest a relationship that is everything you've ever dreamed of. If it’s a desire, it’s possible for you to attain and you can learn how in this 2 week, online class.

As with any class, you’ll have to actively use and practice the principals in order to benefit. That’s where the real change happens. ​​

In this, How To Attract Your Soulmate online class you will learn:

  • What is a soulmate

  • How attracting your soulmate works

  • How to identify what's holding you back from finding true love

  • Exercises on manifesting, alignment & self love

  • Tips on how to easily attract your ideal partner

  • How to love, empower and appreciate yourself more

  • Experience more joy and happiness

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I’ve been teaching this for a long time, and have helped many people to attract their soulmate. 

"Thanks to Lisa, a playful and light spirit has drawn in rich and renewed energy in my professional life as well as a new personal relationship. As a further sign an orchid which had been dormant for two years recently rendered new blossoms.Thank you for helping me make the shift to all things beautiful and new."            

-Nancy T.

"Within a week, I met someone and a romance sparked. It’s very exciting.These tools are so helpful and have allowed me to attract what I want. I'm feeling so grateful and happy, everyday. Thanks for helping me shift so dramatically!"


-Rose D.

Here's what you have access to with How To Attract Your Soulmate:

~Nancy T.

  • 2 weeks of instruction from me that includes 12 videos, documents, and  6 exercises.

  • Tools that you can keep using over and over to manifest your soulmate and create more love and joy in your life.

  • Special pricing for private 1-on-1 coaching with me so you can really build on what you’ve learned and bring what you want to life more quickly and easily.

  • Six months online access so you can take this class at your own pace.

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