How To Love Yourself 

A 21-day, self-love, online challenge to bring about more purpose and peace.


Are you ready to know, love and trust yourself?

  • Are you constantly putting yourself down, speaking harshly to yourself or being critical of yourself?

  • Do you feel like you aren't good enough and don't deserve to have what you want?

  • Can you fully accept who you are, exactly as you are, right in this very moment?

Image by Benjamin Elliott

True power comes from loving yourself exactly as you are, right now, today at this age, in this body.


Society says we should look a certain way, drive a certain car, be a certain weight, make a certain amount of money, but if we listen to everyone else, we will always feel dissatisfied with ourselves.

Join me, in this 21-day self-love challenge where you will learn the components to loving yourself exactly as you are so you can live more fully, happier and healthier.


You can get to the core of who you are, develop a relationship with yourself, be kinder to yourself for the purpose of establishing trust and take care of your own needs so you can thrive

When you do this you live more peacefully, in harmony, connected to your true self which brings you the life you deserve.

As with any class, you’ll have to actively use and practice the principals in order to benefit.  

That’s when you'll start to see the transformation happen. ​​

This class is for you if you:

  • Have low self esteem

  • Compare yourself to others

  • Have a hard time saying no to others 

  • Don’t accept compliments well

  • Don’t have healthy and loving relationships
  • Apologize for the way you look, what your house looks like, you apologize out of habit, or you take the blame in situations

  • Judge yourself or put yourself down

  • Don’t believe in yourself

  • Need more joy, love, purpose & trust in your life.

Image by Kseniia Samoylenko

I’ve been teaching this for a long time, and have helped many people find more connection to themselves, create self esteem, empowerment and self-love. 


Since I have been working with Lisa's (online) program and utilized the tools she has shared, I have been far more attentive to my thoughts, feelings, vibration and behaviors. I have noticed I turn more easily towards what I desire and experience more faith and trust, joy and peace.

...loving what is and being present to the unfolding of my life. - Hara S.

"You know how I struggle with negative self talk. Thank you for helping me to see I can truly create my own reality and peaceful inner space to move forward with positive energy. You are my manifestation guru, I'm forever changed and grateful beyond words. It was you that helped me to understand & see so clearly. You. Are. The. Best. Teacher!" -Peggy C.

Here's what you'll get with How To Love Yourself:


  • 21 days of daily inspiration delivered to your inbox


  • 21 days of daily voice recordings to guide you with all you need to know and practice so you can know, love & trust yourself more.


  • Self Love daily tracker to chart your progress

  • Self Love Manifesto


  • Exercises to help you embody these concepts- when you put these exercises into practice, you are evoking the mind, body, spirit connection.


  • 3 group zoom calls - 1 per week for check-ins and questions, love and support.

~Nancy T.

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