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Soul Stories        


A manifestation plan to create more passion and purpose from your heart and soul.


What's the dream that you are ready to manifest into reality?

🌟 Are you birthing a new idea?
🌟 What does your soul want to express in your life or your business?

🌟 What is the legacy you want to create?

Now is the time to make a plan for the transformation you want to occur.

This program is a balance of right and left brain creation, aligned with your soul to help you create your best life.


It's an intuitive process based on energetic 

principals using a Feng Shui Bagua Map as the foundation for Soul Stories.


We look holistically at all aspects of your life to help you create your dream. And we do this through harnessing divine feminine and masculine energies along with universal laws.


This process helps you explore and work through topics like:

🌟 Who you are and who you are becoming.

🌟 What are the intentions for your life?

🌟 How to bring in more prosperity and gratitude.

🌟 How to find, maintain and create harmony in your business or personal relationships.

🌟 What is keeping you stuck?

Soul Stories can help you live your best life!

Join us to find out how you can use these tools and exercises to create a long & short term sustainable plan so you can empower yourself to make this transformation. 

You can have what you want and you can manifest a life that is everything you've ever dreamed of.  If it’s a desire, it’s possible for you to attain and you can learn how in these four, 2 hour private coaching sessions.

This is for people who:

💛 Are entering a different phase and ready for new life to emerge

💛 Need a break and want to take their life or business to the next level

💛 Are about to start a new project and don't know where to start

💛 Want to find more purpose

💛 Are stuck and need help to bring their vision to life.


As with any transformational experience, you’ll have to actively use and practice these principals, exercises and tools in order to benefit. That’s where the real change happens.​​

In Soul Stories you will get:


🌟 4 - 2 hour one-on-one sessions

🌟 9 + specialized tools, practices and exercises to put your unique plan into motion

🌟 Access to your best life path meditation

🌟 A big picture plan to create the life of your dreams

🌟 A better perspective of who you are and where you are going

🌟 Inspiration to create the life you want to manifest

🌟 A list of inspired actions to take so you can create what you want

I have helped many people manifest what they want to create their best lives. 

"Thanks to Lisa, a playful and light spirit has drawn in rich and renewed energy in my professional life as well as a new personal relationship. As a further sign an orchid which had been dormant for two years recently rendered new blossoms.Thank you for helping me make the shift to all things beautiful and new."  


-Nancy T.


After we finished our Soul Stories sessions I was asking for a sign about where I’m moving to next. Someone suggested I do some research and told me to check out this particular city.  So I’m scrolling through the rentals and my exact house on my Soul Stories board pops up as a rental. I came out of my seat! The exact house down to the color and door….I’m so very grateful that I have you guiding me! This is amazing.


-Betsy M.

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~Nancy T.

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