Soul Stories Workshops

What's the big dream that you are ready to manifest into reality?

Are you birthing a new idea?

What are your intentions?  

What does your soul want to express?

What are the stories you want to tell and how can that be a part of your experience?

Now is the time to make an action plan for the transformation to occur. 

Explore the steps you can take to move in the direction of making all your dreams come true.


You are here to bring your uniqueness to the world, to make a difference and let your light shine. 


This is the focus of your soul story.

​Connect within. Explore. Align.  

This is a giant vision and mind mapping board that will allow plenty of space to plan, express, and hold space for what your soul wants to create. 

It will include: creative planning, how to manifest your dreams into reality, goal setting, affirmations and visual representations, things that inspire you, what you love, actions, and daily intention setting.


Your soul flourishes based on what you feed it. Soul Stories will connect you to your bigger vision and allow your soul to blossom. 

These are planning and envisioning sessions.

During the course of these meetings, we will identify what needs to happen in order to bring this new idea, goal, vision, or dream into reality. One that you can add to along the way.

To Prepare It’s important to have a sense of what you want to create. There will be a workbook provided for you to fill out that will help you to clarify what your soul wants to create.


Extra work outside of our meeting time is necessary for best results.

To get inspired, look online at Pinterest, gather magazines, collect and cut out images and words that reflect what you want on your board. Choose things that inspire you and reflect your intention. If you aren’t sure, look for things that call to you; color, texture, pattern, powerful images that relate to your goals and vision. These images will be needed before our second meeting.


Telling your story can be done in a fun and magical way to create and express it fully while holding space for the new journey to begin.

The Process:

Meeting Schedule:

Meeting 1: 1 hour initial consult

Homework: Cut out magazine pictures for intention and inspiration.  Collect images and cut out words that reflect what you want on your board to manifest your vision.


Meeting 2:  This is a 3-4 hour planning session including sage to clear space, meditation to connect to your vision, planning to manifest your big vision, dream or goal. 


Envisioning process will be used to solidify your intentions and put you on the path to accomplish your goal or idea. You will be led through a process to connect with your inner self and move to a path that is aligned with your highest and best good.


Meeting 3:

Exercise 1: Planting: We will plant actual physical seeds as a reminder to water and nurture your intentions. Your focus on these seeds, which represent your vision, will grow as you nurture and allow for magic to happen.


Exercise 2: From this day forward my life will be…This is a writing exercise to ignite and align to the process.

Exercise 3: Move over to the highest and best path. Imagine yourself stepping onto it. Everything you want is on this path. Surrender and trust in the process.

Connect to your soul's story.  Give it energy, light, imagine magical opportunities surrounding this process, Let it be done with ease, love, gratitude and alignment.


Your soul story board is an ongoing center, container, and foundation that you can add to at any time, everyday, whenever a thought comes up and whenever you feel inspired. Pricing starts at $1250

                                            Are you ready to design your best life?