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Transformational Coaching



Is for people who are:

  • Ready to make a change in their life

  • Would like a different perspective on how they could be living better, happier

  • Need some tools to shift what they are thinking about their life

  • Want to manifest something but don't know how

  • Ready to live more fully 


Things you can achieve through working with Lisa:

  • A soulmate relationship

  • More abundance

  • Well being 

  • Living happier and healthier

  • More peace

  • Living with more purpose

  • Empowerment

  • Anything you desire





1 Coaching Session
($150 / session)

5 Coaching Sessions 
($75 savings)

10 Coaching Sessions
($250 savings)


We focus on transformational coaching, teaching the law of attraction and laws of the universe. Whether it’s creating fulfilling work, finding more peace, more purpose, manifesting a loving relationship, or just moving forward on that big project, you CAN live your best life.

  • Are you anxious about your future?  

  • Are you struggling to manifest what you want?

  • Do you long for a soulmate relationship?

  • Are you ready for a change in your life?​ 

  • Do you need some help finding out what your next step is?


Lisa will use her expertise to teach you practical exercises and tools so you can connect within in order to shift your thoughts and beliefs to achieve what your desired outcome.  We will identify what's keeping you stuck and talk about ways to bring you more clarity about moving forward.

The transformational coaching process requires a willingness to look at your thoughts, behaviors and patterns, release what no longer serves and implement new ways of moving through the world. 

Phone or zoom sessions available.


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What our clients are saying

Lisa is so "on" and helpful in her guidance. I really feel I had the most enlightened session I've ever had yesterday with Lisa. She is so gentle but clearly is capable of giving important feedback and guidance. She's such a gentle, wise soul and I feel lucky to know her.

Rebecca G.

Here's a report after our session. Within a week, I had reconnected with an old boyfriend from 22 years ago and a romance sparked. It’s very promising! Also very exciting.  I think I turned my love light on because there are a few buzzing around. 😁 Thanks for helping me shift so dramatically!

Jennifer M.

Lisa Linder is one of those rare people that is able to convey her deep knowledge and align it to help her clients. She's skilled at helping you understand how you can change and approach situations in brave new ways.  I have grown more in a short space of time with her than in many other avenues. She's so amazing and you will think so too!

Peggy C.