Lisa Linder has been designing and organizing in one form or another all of her life, but professionally for over 21 years.  She owns and operates one of the regions most versatile design companies and has worked with a variety of clientele including prominent artists, professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, entrepreneurs and many more.

Heavily influenced by her extensive international travel throughout Europe and Asia, she incorporates all of her experiences and eclectic style but gets the most joy from co-creating with clients to create a space all their own.

Her training in various energy work modalities includes: hypnotherapy certification, Reiki-master level, sound healing, space clearing, chakra clearing, color healing, crystal and essential oil therapies.

Lisa is a mixed media artist, lover of nature, all things organic, loves to work with luxurious fabrics and is passionate about color. 


Lisa has a kind, gentle and loving approach, holding energy and creating safe space, allowing for growth and artistic freedom so transformation may occur on all levels. She’s able to help by interpreting current vibrations and shift to a more desired vibration so you can connect with yourself to allow the magic to happen.  A guided process to building a foundation, experiencing a reality that affords elegance and grace. We will embark upon creation in it’s finest to have an inner and outer space that feels as though you are truly home in every sense of the word.


Are you ready to live your best life? 


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