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Mission:  We help people connect to their own inner wisdom and guide them to become empowered so they can manifest what they want and live their best life.

These are my thoughts:

Be kind always, there is never any reason not to be kind. Be open, be the best you can be, love yourself and love others.  


Believe in yourself first and foremost and anything will become possible.


Take a moment to envision your world and the planet being a better place to live. The more moments we take to ponder a beautiful, empowered, fulfilling life, and a healed and healthy planet, the more it shows up in our reality. 


Dream big, if it’s a desire you have, the universe has a way to bring it to you - you just have to be open and aligned to it. 




These are things that we weave into our lives and the lives of our clients:

We passionately inform about how the universe works and enlighten about how you are able to create your best life by knowing the laws that govern this planet, which in turn, if you practice them will empower you to transform your life.

The Divine Feminine - we honor and channel Divine feminine energy. Channeling this energy helps to shift to a balance of masculine and feminine, instead of dominated by masculine. We feel this is a time where the energy of power and control can be released and the divine feminine can and will become empowered.  It’s already happening.

Authentic Growth - we are committed to raising consciousness, evolving, becoming more and connecting to all of who we are so we can feel more purposeful, empowered, and we can experience bliss.

Self love and Empowerment - We teach that you are worthy and loved just because you exist. Being kind, taking care of and doing nice things for yourself promotes self love and when you are kinder to yourself the whole world becomes more loving and peaceful.

Sacred Living, means to us, living in alignment, in the highest vibe possible, connected to yourself. It is learning how to tune into your higher self, which is a part of the whole or higher intelligence, whatever you believe that is....which then aligns you to all that creates everything.


It’s being in nature which is in complete and total alignment.  It’s doing things that you love, that are fun and make you feel purposeful and fulfilled. We teach that when you are in alignment it allows you to live a magical life, filled with mind blowing synchronicities and peace. 

Pay it forward and random acts of kindness - we strive to make the world a better place by being kind and respectful to one another and  by helping others.  We’ve also done live, interactive, group events to bring joy, love and inspiration to others.


Join us on a committed path to become more conscious to make our lives and the world a better place to live. Connect to your own inner wisdom. It is there you will find love and peace. Xo Lisa

About Lisa:

Lisa Linder is a Transformational Coach who helps people ready to make a change in their lives. She is an intuitive empath, a law of attraction expert and channels divine energy to give appropriate guidance and direction. Lisa teaches practical tools and techniques of universal laws to help clients manifest what they want so they can live their best lives.

She has a kind, gentle and loving approach, holding energy and creating safe space, allowing for growth so transformation may occur on all levels. She’s able to help by interpreting current vibrations and shift to a more desired vibration so you can connect with yourself to allow the magic to happen.

Her training in various energy work modalities includes: Hypnotherapy Certification, Reiki-Master Level, Sound Healing, Space Clearing, Chakra Clearing, Color Healing, Crystal and Essential Oil Therapies.

Lisa is a mixed media artist, lover of nature, all things organic, believes that we are all connected and is passionate about living her best life. 


Are you ready to live your best life? 


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