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Intuitive & Conscious Interior Design
Interior design to shift vibration so you can create what you want in your life and in your home.


  • Is your space a reflection of who you truly are and is it supporting you so you can live your best life? 

  • Do you have a sanctuary-like space that feels sacred to you?

  • Are you able to rejuvenate in your space?  

  • Is it functional?

  • Can you find things with ease?

  • Is it conducive to helping you manifest what you want?


What is Sacred Space?

Sacred space is an intentional, self reflective space where you can relax, rejuvenate, and feel inspired. It's a space that has meaning to you, where you can connect within to get all the answers you need and manifest all you desire, so you can live your best life.


It looks and feels different for everyone as it will uniquely reflect who you are. Sacred spaces are comfortable and intimate and they can help you cultivate deeper connections and relationships.


Your space is your foundation; together we will consciously and intentionally create or transform your space to attract what you want and manifest the life that is for your highest good.

The benefits of having an intentional sacred space:

  • Living in alignment, balance and harmony reduces stress and anxiety 

  • Brings ease and joy into your life

  • Creates feelings of love, peace, and safety

  • Leads to well being 

  • Aids in the manifestation process of creating what you want to attract

Sacred space can simply be creating an altar, or it could be your entire space…and anything in between.  


  • New home

  • Furniture & accessory placement

  • Color consultations

  • Space clearing

  • Releasing & organizing

  • Meditation spaces

  • Sacred spaces

  • Altars

  • Balancing elements

  • Manifesting


Your space is a reflection of you and where you are now.

What is happening around you? Are the items in your space in alignment with what you want to manifest in your life?

Are you living in a space that fully supports the life you want to live?

To create sacred space, we take a holistic look at what is and is not working in your life and space, to see what needs to be added, removed or changed. This allows us to create space that is inspiring, functional and harmonious to fully support your lifestyle.

Do you have things that were given to you that you feel obligated to hold onto?

Are they serving you and are they working in your favor or are they weighing you down and blocking energy from flowing?


We also take a look at the balance of the elements in your space.

Is there too much of one element; too much wood or metal in your space or too much of one specific color?

Using natural live elements can also balance your space, appealing to all your senses, which will allow for maximum energy and flow.

Plants, crystals, water elements, salt lamps, oils, and sound elements, all can be used to shift vibration.

Whether you want to create a sanctuary for meditation or just need a balanced, functional space for optimum efficiency, we can help you create a space that is aligned with your intention so it works specifically for you.

What our clients are saying

Lisa is an intuitive and energetically charismatic designer. She’s helped me work through some difficult changes with my new space and my life. Lisa is a gifted listener and uses gentle strategies that allow you to feel more clarity and connection to your space whether that’s an office, bedroom or whole house. There’s more to a space than just the objects that occupy your home and Lisa knows how to bring out that magic. Thank you Lisa for your many gifts and talents. You’re a gem!

Susie G.

I highly recommend working with Lisa.  She is professional, intuitive, creative and incredibly resourceful.  She helps you find clear goals and intentions for your space.  One of the first questions she asks is how you want your space to feel to yourself and to others, because your space is an extension of you. It’s not just about aesthetics but about expressing the healthiest version of yourself through your environment and creating an energy in the space that feels right to you.  It is a highly individualized process and Lisa helps you manifest your healthiest living environment.  She is just wonderful!

Natasha K.

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