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This necklace consists of Quartz Druzy, Tibetan agate and wood beads.

These are all original, limited edition pieces.  Each necklace is energy infused with intention, made with pure love, just for you!

Connect to the purity of love that you are. Connect to the part of you that deeply knows you are perfect, beautiful and divine, exactly as you are. Embrace your true self.


Tibetan agate helps to produce strength, power and courage. It enhances truthfulness and brings forth understanding. It also often brings good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health.

Druzy Crystal will increase your courage and strength and promote fresh new ideas that will help you in your personal growth. It’s also a crystal that’s associated with love, patience, and harmony that helps you attain the highest form of wisdom.The healing energies of Druzy Crystal will open and unlock your personal power to help you find your own vision.


All of these gems are infused with Mother Earth energy. When we respect, love and cherish the gifts from this planet, we can tune into the earth’s energy and benefit in so many beautiful ways.


Wear these creations holding your intentions, as these gemstones, that come from the earth, enhance your intention and give energy towards manifesting the desire you hold.

Connect to yourself, your vision and let this piece of jewelry work it’s magic with you in your vision. #liveyourbestlife


With much love and gratitude, ❤️ Lisa

"Liberate your inner hippie" Necklace

  • Exchange Only. Exchanges within 7 days of receiving.

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